About Fly’N Aces

Is your dog ball-crazy? If so, Fly’N Aces may be a good fit for you and that ball-crazy dog of yours.

Fly’N Aces (FNA) is an easy going club. Members are dedicated to having fun with their pets, while at the same time they strive to improve individual and team performance.

FNA participates in local and out-of-state flyball tournaments throughout the year.  We welcome any dog owners who love their dogs and want to do something fun.  We are also proud of the fact that many of our dogs are rescues.

Since its inception in 1999, FNA has always kept the following beliefs alive:

  • Our goal is to have fun while playing a rewarding sport with our furry companions.We welcome all walks of life for anyone who wants to play flyball.
  • We welcome all breeds no matter how fast your dog is.
  • We encourage dedication and team efforts.
  • We feel everyone has something to offer the team and has come to the team for a reason.
  • We strive to achieve the best results we can with our team and our team dogs.
  • We focus on our dogs having fun and not just on ribbons and points.W
  • We support each other as a team and have formed great friendships through this sport.
  • We all work together to help train each member’s dogs, the key word is “Team”

FNA currently practices on Friday nights from 6:45-10:00. If you are interested in observing a practice and meeting the team, please email our team captain, Ann Salisbury.